Revolutions start online

‘Mehazkim’ [in Hebrew: ‘Strengthening’ or ‘Empowering’] is a progressive digital movement working to promote the values, ideas and solutions of the Israeli left. We are leading struggles for a more democratic Israel through effective digital campaigns and inclusive collaborations.

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Winning Together

We established ‘Mehazkim’ because we realized that it is impossible to win alone; Because we were sick and tired of hiding and being afraid in the face of incitement and violence directed against us for years. Mehazkim aspires to be the main political and digital force of activists, organizations, initiatives and protests, as well as of ordinary citizens who feel empowered to act for a better Israel.

Strengthening the Israeli Left

The Israeli conservatives uses a variety of methods to dominate the agenda and produce a false representation of public support for nationalistic and illiberal ideas. We started as a small group of activists, and became a movement that works with all members of the broad democratic camp through innovative digital campaigns.

We are here to strengthen the left and to strengthen Israel – this is what we do.

Reaching millions of Israelis

We run the most powerful, independent, political content platform on Israeli Facebook – with fearless and bold content, which reaches 2 million people a month and attracts 20 million interactions a year. We are active on all social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even TikTok, because we believe that the way to promote our worldview is to expose it, in a positive and mobilizing way, even to people who may still not agree with us. No arena should be abandoned. Since our establishment, Mehazkim has led dozens of campaigns: against incitement and racism, for social justice and human rights – for a united, broad, and strong progressive camp.

From the screens to the streets

Since 2020, Mehazkim has supported groups and organizations of the anti-corruption movement and co-created ‘FakeReporter’ – an initiative to combat malicious online activity. We led the struggle against the Kohelet Policy Forum, which promotes the vision of apartheid in Israel and the end of Israeli democracy, and promoted Jewish-Arab political partnership. We conducted workshops and trainings for dozens of organizations and groups and promoted strategic moves in collaboration with large organizations from the camp. We also managed to raise about a million shekels in favor of legal protection for activists and activities attacked by the Right.

Looking Forward

Mehazkim is here to unite the progressive camp and help it win. In the coming years, Mehazkim is going to continue to lead the political-digital field, conduct workshops and trainings, and promote a better future for all residents of this land.

who we are

Eran Nissan


Eran Nissan is an Israeli peace activist. Prior to joining Mehazkim, Eran headed the Education and Advocacy Department at ‘Peace Now’. Eran holds a B.A. in Political Science & Philosophy from the Ben-Gurion University and an M.A. in Emergency and Disaster Management from the Tel Aviv University. Eran is a certified dog trainer, and volunteers at Magen David-Adom as an EMT and an ambulance driver.

Ori Kol


Ori Kol is the is the CEO of Mehazkim, which he founded at 24. He is also the co-founder of FakeReporter, a disinformation watchdog fighting malicious content online. Ori is 28, lives in Tel Aviv, is an uncle to 4 nephews, and has a BA in Politics and English from Tel Aviv University.

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